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Nintendo Switch arcade stick

In the same way, it can also be extracted from the base and used as a Tablet. This thanks to its LCD touch screen, or it can also be placed on a surface thanks to its integrated support. This way it can be visible by several players.

The concept of the Switch emerged as a reaction of the Nintendo company after several quarters of financial losses in 2014. Due to the bad sales of its previous console the Wii U, as well as, to a greater competition within the gaming market for mobile devices.

The Arcade Stick for a more retro feel

Nintendo Switch receives a new accessory that is aimed especially for those who love the genre of the one on one fight in video games. It is an arcade stick with a very special aesthetic and has been inspired by the mythical NES for this new work.

This new article is presented under the name of Arcade Stick N30, the new device allows a total customization of its buttons to adapt to all types of titles. It has a battery that guarantees up to 18 hours of duration, which is charged by USB port.

It is the perfect accessory for those retro-loving gamers. Describing a little more the product, with official license of Nintendo, we can say that, it is the best oriented accessory for the combat games for Nintendo Switch. The real Pro V Hayabusa arcade features HORI Hayabusa’s patented original joystick and buttons, a turbo function and a 10-foot cable ready for the tournament.

In addition, it is modeled after authentic arcade cabinets in Japan. Get the full Real Arcade experience and dominate the playing field with this fully functional professional level article.

It has been designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch and is also compatible with PC through Xinput, the Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa is the only option for the fighting game enthusiasts who only settle for the best.