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Qanba ObsidianQanba Obsidian: The Ultimate Arcade Stick for Serious GamersQanba Obsidian

February 28, 2023
Qanba Obsidian -4

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Elevate Your Gaming Performance with the Qanba Obsidian

The Qanba Obsidian stands as a beacon of superior craftsmanship and performance in the realm of fightsticks. This in-depth review explores what sets the Obsidian apart from its competitors, making it a leading choice for professional gamers and enthusiasts.

Unsurpassed Performance

The Obsidian is renowned for its ultra-responsive controls. Outfitted with Sanwa Denshi buttons and a lever, it offers precision and speed that ensure every move is flawlessly executed, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Stunning Design and Exceptional Craftsmanship

The Obsidian doesn’t just perform extraordinarily—it looks the part too. Its sleek black finish, enhanced by cool blue LED accents, offers an aesthetic that captivates and immerses gamers in their virtual realm.

Comparison Table

FeatureQanba ObsidianGeneric Fightstick
Build QualityHigh-grade Metal and PlasticVaries
ComponentsPremium Sanwa Denshi Buttons and LeverStandard
AestheticsSleek Design with Blue LED LightingBasic
CompatibilityPlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PCVaries
PriceMid-range, Excellent ValueVaries

Advantages and Disadvantages of Qanba Obsidian

To provide a balanced view, it’s crucial to look at both the advantages and potential drawbacks of the Qanba Obsidian.


  1. Quality Construction: The Obsidian features high-quality materials for durability and a premium feel.
  2. Superior Components: Equipped with Sanwa Denshi buttons and lever for ultimate precision and responsiveness.
  3. Impressive Aesthetics: Its stylish design with blue LED accents sets it apart from most fightsticks.
  4. Great Compatibility: Works seamlessly with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.


  1. Weight: Some users might find the Obsidian slightly heavy, though many see this as a sign of its solid construction.
  2. Price: The Obsidian is priced higher than basic fightsticks, though its superior features and quality justify the cost.

The Qanba Obsidian is a blend of aesthetic brilliance and top-tier performance. It stands as an exceptional tool for any serious gamer seeking to elevate their gaming experience.

Power, smoothness and the best precision in the world are the special characteristics of the Qanba Obsidian, the best Fighting Stick of this brand that without a doubt, the design is spectacular. Find this Stick on our website at an incredible price and that no other platform could offer.

Analysis / Review of the Arcade Stick Qanba Obsidian

  • Compatible with PS3, PS4 and PC
  • Very large base.
  • Buttons L3, R3 Turbo and Share.
  • 8 buttons sanwa denshi.
  • Sanwa denshi JLF lever and metal ball.
  • 2.7 meter USB cable.
  • LED lights that give a feeling of exclusivity.
  • Weight of 2.99 Kg.
  • Dimensions 46 x 26 x 12 cm.
  • Anti-slip rubber base.

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The Fightstick Qanba Obsidian

This Arcade Stick will make you feel an insurmountable comfort, it has a very large base and a very good weight to avoid that you can move, Qanba has currado to offer us the experience more similar to the arcade machines and adding the quality of the materials sanwa denshi, moreover, the style of this fighting stick will leave anyone who looks at it open-mouthed, you see a stick that will last for many years.

Unboxing Qanba Obsidian

Here we leave a video in which they teach the components of this stick wonder;