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Real Arcade Pro V Kai Fighting Stick XBOX

October 23, 2018
Real Arcade Pro V Kai Fighting

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Are you looking for an Arcade Stick as good as your skill with the stick? Are you hesitant to choose a command for your XBOX? The Hori Real Arcade Pro V is the model you were looking for, for the high quality offered with its Hayabusa components at a competitive price that will make you rethink the choice you had before visiting this review, read on!

Analysis / Review of the Hori Real Arcade Pro V for XBOX

  • Compatible with XBOX ONE / 360 and PC
  • 9 buttons Hayabusa extra-thin design.
  • Hayabusa ball lever with 15% less respone time than other manufacturers.
  • 3 meter usb cable
  • Weight of 2.2 Kg.
  • Dimensions 43 x 24 x 11.4 cm.
  • Anti-slip rubber base.
  • Storage compartment for the USB cable.

Conclusion of the Real Arcade Pro V for XBOX

A professional player could consider that the Real Arcade Pro V is cheap with all the benefits it offers in his professional career, however it may be that for some of us who do not play at that level we can consider it a very high price, but without a doubt It is worth acquiring it if you have the economic availability to do it.

Unboxing Real Arcade Pro V for XBOX

Here we leave a video in which they teach the components of this stick wonder and their personal opinion:

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